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Infrastructure Policy

Policy on the use of Infrastructure

The careful use of the infrastructure facilities and proper maintenance of the same is the combined and common responsibility of the management, staff and the students of the institution

  • The infrastructure of the institution should be used with care. The institution and its premises are to be kept neat and clean.
  • Scribbling and graffiti on the walls and furniture are to be avoided. Fine will be levied in case of disfigurement or damage of the building, furniture or other infrastructure.
  • The campus and its premises cannot be made use for holding political meetings and processions.
  • Unauthorized use of decorations and posters on the walls are prohibited.
  • Meetings, conferences and other activities in the college premises require express permission from the principal based on a written request.
  • The facilities of the college ground, fitness centre and the auditorium can be made of use of by the public on payment of fees, in compliance with stipulated conditions. The facilities will be available only if there are no academic or other college activities arranged in the ground/auditorium/rooms as the case may be.
  • The use of alcohol, smoking and drugs are strictly prohibited on the college campus.
  • Infrastructure facilities of the institution will be made available for conducting various external examinations without affecting the routine academic work of the campus. Similarly, infrastructure will also be made available for University and Government Programmes including valuation camps without disturbing the routine academic work of the college.
  • The institution is also committed to provide its infrastructure for social causes.
  • Necessary safety and security measures shall be provided in laboratories and computer labs. The lay out of the computer labs shall be user friendly to the best possible extent. Care must be taken while using computers and other electronic gadgets and timely servicing of the same will be undertaken.
  • All necessary facilities will be provided in the Ladiesโ€™ Hostel and Womenโ€™s Hall.
  • The college ground will be maintained properly under proper supervision so that it remains suitable for practice and conduct of matches.
  • Efforts will be taken for the timely maintenance of the infrastructure. Annual repairs and periodical painting will be done.
  • AMC or service contracts or appointment of technicians will all be considered for effective maintenance of infrastructure.
  • The beautification committee will be responsible for proposing various changes, modifications etc wherever necessary.
  • Ragging is strictly prohibited on the college campus.

Policy on Green Initiatives and Environment Friendliness

  • As an institution located at the heart of Kottayam, the institution is bent on maintaining environmental balance.
  • The campus adopts Green initiatives in the form of planting trees around, keeping the campus plastic free, adopting recycling enterprises and effective waste management.
  • The institution makes use of rain water harvesting in its efforts to preserve water resources.
  • Motor vehicles are not permitted beyond a point on the college campus.
  • The institution promotes public transportation mode.
  • The institution is committed to energy saving and implementing proper energy management measures. LED bulbs shall be installed in the new buildings and replacements done in the old buildings shall be using LED bulbs.
  • Necessary efforts shall be taken to install solar panels for energy.
  • Proper waste disposal measures shall be followed. Necessary arrangements are to be made in this regard.
  • The waste from the laboratories has to be disposed of properly.
  • The institution maintains a nature club to consolidate its pro-environment efforts.
  • All Students Clubs and forums and Subject Associations shall involve in conducting programmes, promoting campaigns and initiating activities that help to preserve the nature and bring more environment consciousness, not only to the Baselian members, but also to the community as a whole.
  • The college is also committed to undertake Environmental and Green Auditing periodically and implement the suggestions.


  • The Library and Reading Room with reprographic facilities shall be utilised to the optimum level.
  • Necessary Computer and Internet facilities and software shall be provided so as to ensure the automation of library usage,
  • The library shall provide to staff, students and research scholar, without any prejudice, all available materials that help in their academic pursuits.
  • The General Rules of the Library (as mentioned below) shall be strictly observed.
  • Time: 8.30 am to 5.30 pm on all working days.
  • Only writing materials can be taken inside the reading room and library.
  • Three Readersโ€™ tickets to PG students and 2 Readersโ€™ tickets to UG students will be issued against which books can be borrowed from the library.
  • Books must be returned within 14 days of the date of issue, failing which a fine of Re. 1 per day will be charged per book. Mutilation of books & magazines is a serious offence and the borrowers will have to replace the damaged books at their cost.
  • The loss of books should be immediately reported to the librarian and the borrower must either replace the book or compensate for it as decided by the librarian.
  • All books issued from the library shall be returned without fail on / before the last working day of the academic year. Sub-lending of book is strictly forbidden.
  • Books must be carefully examined at the time of issue and borrowers shall point out to the Librarian any damage or mutilation on the books they are taking.
  • The Principal and the Librarian have the right to recall any book with 24 hour notice.
  • SILENCE shall be strictly observed in all sections of the library.
  • All library arrears should be cleared by the students before they receive their hall tickets for university examinations or before obtaining the T.C if they leave before the completion of the course.




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