Kottayam, Kerala, India - 686001 ESTD.1964
NAAC accredited @ A++ Grade with CGPA of 3.51

Scholarships & Endowments


  1. HIGHER EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP โ€“ available to the highest scorers at plus
    two level.
  2. POST METRIC SCHOLARSHIP โ€“ availed by the students belonging to the minority, who have secured a minimum of 60% marks and whose annual family income does not exceed Rs. 6,50,000.
  3. CENTRAL SECTOR SCHOLARSHIP โ€“ available to the students belonging to theย minority who have secured a minimum of 60% marks and whose annual family income does not exceed Rs.6,50,000.
  4. C.H MOHAMMED KOYA SCHOLARSHIPโ€“ available only to the Muslim girls whoย has secured a minimum of 60% marks in the qualifying examination.
  5. MUSLIM NADAR SCHOLARSHIPโ€“ available only to girls, belonging either toย Muslim or Nadar category with a minimum 60% marks in their qualifyingย examination.
  6. BLIND/ PH SCHOLARSHIP โ€“ provided to blind or physically challenged studentsย who has secured a minimum of 60% marks in the qualifying examination.
  7. CBSE SCHOLARSHIPโ€“ provided by CBSE to single girl child. All students whoย were availing the same at the plus two level can continue to avail the same.
  8. INDIRA GANDHI ONE GIRL CHILD SCHOLARSHIPโ€“ provided at the PG level toย single girl child with 60% marks in the qualifying examination.
  9. SNEHAPOORVAM SCHOLARSHIP โ€“ availed by students belonging to the BPLย category with minimum 60% marks in the qualifying examination.
  10. FEE CONCESSION TO FORWARD COMMUNITY STUDENTS โ€“ Students are eligibleย for the fee concession under the Kumara Pillai Commission Report in case theย annual income of their parents does not exceed One Lakh Rupees.
  11. INSPIRE SCHOLARSHIPโ€“ Students who happen to be among the top 1% in 12thย standard at their respective Board Examinations and are pursuing courses inย natural and basic sciences at B.Sc level can avail the same.





  1. V. K. Philip –ย Selected students from each year of theย Educational U.G. and the P.G. courses in Englishย Literature on the basis of merit.
  2. K. U. Scariaย Memorial –ย by Smt. Daisy Zacharia of the Departmentย of English in memory of her fatherย late Sri. K.U. Scaria –ย English Main students who score highย marks in D1, D2, and D3 classes
  3. Prof. Manju Mathewsย Memorial –ย by her family in memory of Smt. Manjuย ย who died in harness in 2006 –ย ย the best outgoing students of B.A.Englishย (Final) and M.A.English (Final) every year.
  4. Prof. Rajaram Menonย Memorial –ย by his family in memory of theย ย Founder-Head of the Dept of English –ย the Topper in English


  1. Prof. C.K. Kuriakoseย Memorial –ย in memory of late Prof. C.K. Kuriakoseย the first Head of the Dept.of Physicsย of this college –ย the students who secure highest marks inย  the Final year University Examinations of B.Sc Physics and M.Sc. Physics
  2. Prof. V.V. Mathew –ย Selected students from each year of theย Educational U.G. and the P.G. courses in Englishย Literature on the basis of merit
  3. Prof. Susan John K.Memorial Quiz Competition – the combined initiative of B.Sc. Physics 1999-2002 batch and M.Sc. Physics 2002-2004 batch students – the team coming first in the All Keralaย ย  Prof. Susan John Memorial Physics Quizย Competition (the interest from Rs. 41000/-ย is being awarded)


  1. Sri. Joseph Chandy foundation Scholarship in Chemistry – by Joseph Chandy – five students of the Chemistry Dept-D1,ย ย D2, D3, M1, M2 classes on merit-cum-means basis.
  2. C. Paulose Memorial – in memory of the late Prof. C.Paulose ofย the Chemistry Department of this college – the selected student of the final year.
  3. Mr. K.C. Chacko Kuttanchirra Memorial –ย  by Prof. K.C. Mariamma in memory of her father – the best outgoing P.G. Student inย ย Chemistry.
  4. Smt& Sri. A.J. Chandapillai Memorial – by Prof. SosammaChandapillai in memory of her parents – the best out-going all-rounder in Chemistry.
  5. Vengal Endowment – by Dr. Annie Mathews in memory ofher in laws Mr. Cherian Vengal&ย Mrs. Thankamma Cherian – the best outgoing all rounder in M.Sc.ย Chemistry every year.
  6. Mrs. Rebecca George Memorial – by Dr. Annie Mathews in memory of her mother Mrs. Rebecca George – the best outgoing all rounder in B.Sc. Chemistry every year.


  1. Susamma Lukose Endowment –ย in memory of the late Susamma Lukose who was a student of the first B.A Economics (1976-77) –ย the best outgoing student of theย D3 Economic class.
  2. C.K. Jeevanย Memorial –ย in memory of C.K. Jeevan who wasย ย student of B.A.Economics (1976-79) – 3 students of the B.A. Economics degreeย class on the basis of merit-cum- means
  3. Kudakkaseril Devasiachenย Memorial –ย Jinny Kudakkaseril was a student of B.A. Economics -Economicsย main students who score high marks in D1, D2, D3, M1, M2 Classes.


  1. Prof M.C. Jacob and Prof. A.A Markose Memorial –ย  by the Dept. of Commerce in memory of the two departed members of staff – the two best Commerce students.
  2. Mar Athanasius Scholarship – by the late P.C. Pilo – the student who secures the highest marks inย the B.Com final University examination
  3. Saly Jacob Endowment – in memory of the late Saly Jacob who was a student of final year B.Com (1976-77) –ย  the student scoring highest marks inย ย final year B.Com
  4. K.P. John Memorial – in memory of K.P. John who was a student of 2nd year B.Com (1982-83) – the student securing the highest marksย in the second B.Com. University Exams
  5. Prof. M.C. Jacob Memmorial – in memory of the former HoD Pro. M.C. Jacob by his Son Dr. Mathew Jacob –ย  the top scorer of B.Com (Aided programme) every yearย – Uniersity exam


  1. Prof. C.J. Mannummoodu Memorial – the student who secures the highest marks in B.A. Malayalam Main.
  2. K.C. Mathew Memorial – Prize by his son Sri.K.M.Cherian (Junior) – the student of the III year degree class whoย gets the highest marks in Malayalam inย the second year university examination.


  1. Vinod K. Punnen Memorial – the student of D3 Maths who scoresย the highest marks in the first & secondย year main and subsidiaries put together
  2. Sr. Lucia Memorial Endowment – by Dr. Annie Cherian – the students who secure the highest marksย ย in Statistics in the first four semestersย of B.Sc Mathematics Programme.
  3. Very Rev. George Zachariah Cor Episcopa Memorial – by Prof. Alexander V. George – for the best outgoing studentย from Department of Mathematics
  4. Prof. M.J. Thomas Memorial – by Prof. Geethakumari K.R. – for the meritorious studentย from Department of Mathematics.


  1. Prof. John Joseph Vadakedath – the topper in the B.Sc Botany Finalย ย Examination


  1. Mrs. Kunjukunjamma Panicker Memorial – by Dr. Susan Panicker in memory of her mother – the students who pass B.Sc (Zoology) Final &ย IInd year University exam with highest marks


  1. Sunil George Endowment – by his father and the Dept. of Politics – the outstanding students in Politics
  2. Prof. O.M. Mathew Endowment – the student of D3 Politics who passesย the B.A exam with the highest marks
  3. Dr. M.M. Mathew Endowment – former HOD of Politics, Marthoma College Thiruvalla – the student who secure the highestย marks in BA Political Science.


  1. Rev. Fr. C. Koshy Memorial – by his daughter Prof.T.K. Ammini – the final Degree Student who secures theย highest marks in Part II Hindi Examination
  2. Prof. P.U. Uthup Memorial – Endowment by his wife Smt. Deenamma Uthup – the first year B.A/B.Sc student and first yearย B.Com student who secure highest marks inย part II Hindi Exam


  1. Jain George Memorial – in memory of the late Jain George who was a student of the 2nd Pre-Degree batch (1986-87) – three Orthodox students of the first yearย Degree (Physics, Chemistry, Maths)ย class on the basis of merit-cum means
  2. Prof. E. John Mathew Koodarathil – by Prof. John Mathew (Former principal – M.V. Pylee award for the best the best principal in Kerala in 2003) – the best outgoing student of the college.
  3. Prof. M.J. Thomas – by PTA in the name of Prof. M.J. Thomas – the outstanding members of the teachingย staff generally to the retiring faculty.
  4. Dr. A.P. Mani Memorial – in the name of the first Principal Dr.A.P. Mani – meritorious students
  5. ย Oonnunni Paul Memorial Endowment – by Mrs. Omana Paul & Children, in memory of Mr. Unnoonni Paul Chartered accountant & former Auditor of Baselius College – the best two outgoing students-ย  boy / girl- every year
  6. ย Sri. P.C. Abraham, Padinjarekkara – by his son Sri. Sathish Abraham as ย per the will of Late. Sri. P.C. Abraham Padinjarekkara – best outgoing P.G. student of the college
  7. Padinjarekara Itty Kurian Trust Fund – to selected students.
  8. Social Service League Scholarship – by the Social Service League – 1st year Degree/PG Students on theย basis of merit – cum – means.
  9. Dr. A.M. Unnikrishnan – by Dr. A. M. Unnikrishnan a deserving student of the collegeย on merit – cum – means basis
  10. Prof. J.K. Onattu Endowment – by Prof. Jacob Kurian Onattuย  – the top scorers in University examsย from among the students of eachย P.G. Department of this College
  11. Jeeva Karunya Trust Scholarship – by Jeeva Karunya Trust – to the selected students of each departments on the basis of merit-cum-means.
  12. Prof J.K. Onattu Ever Rolling Trophy – by Prof. Jacob Kurian Onattu (Former Principal) – to the best performing Dept. basedย on annual academic audit
  13. Prof. P. C. Alias Memorial Endowment – by family members of Late Prof. P.C. Alias (Former Principal)ย  – 1. for the student with best culturalย performance,ย 2. for the student with best sports & gamesย performance,ย 3. for two students from PG/UG with overallย merit by college criteria,ย 4. for overall merit from PG/UG of studentsย from Economics Department.


  1. Prof. P.C. Alias Endowment – by Prof. P.C.Alias, former Principal (out of the cash award he received fromย AIACHE for the best Principal) – for the best Cultural Performer.
  2. Prof. S. Sreekumar Memorial โ€“ Kalathilakam & Kala Prathibha –ย by Prof. R. Sukumaran Nair, in memory of his son late Prof. Sreekumar – the Kalaprathibha and Kalathilakom ofย the College Arts Festival


  1. Best outgoing NCC Cadets Award – by Major K. Mathew – the best outgoing cadet of every year.

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