Internal Assessments

The present UG and PG programmes envisage a continuous evaluation of the students by the teachers, 20% marks at the non-semester UG level and 25% UG semester and at the PG level are set apart as internal marks. The university has laid  down certain norms by which the teachers can assess the students internally and award marks. Students' attendance, their score in the frequently conducted test papers, their performance in assignments, seminar and or practicals etc. count in rating the internal assessment score. Those who fail to score 30% of the maximum allotted internal marks are to re-do those papers the next year. Thus, for example, if a particular paper is of 100 marks, 20 marks are for internal assessment and 80 marks for external evaluation. If a student fails to score 6 marks for internal assessment he/she has to make it up the next year.


9. 1         The evaluation of each course shall contain two parts:

                (i) Internal or In- Semester Assessment (ISA)

                (ii) External or End-Semester Assessment (ESA)

                The internal:external assessment ratio shall be 1:3

9. 2         The Internal and External examinations shall be evaluated using Direct Grading system based on 5-point scale as given below.


Letter Grade                        Performance                                         Grade point (G)                  Grade Range

A                                             Excellent                                                          4                                         3.5 to 4.00

B                                            Very Good                                                        3                                         2.5 to 3.49

C                                            Good                                                                2                                         1.5 to 2.49

D                                            Average                                                           1                                          0.5 to 1.49

E                                            Poor                                                                  0                                         0.00 to 0.49


A separate minimum of D Grade for internal and external are required for a pass in a course. For a pass in a programme, a separate minimum of Grade D is required for all the courses and must score a minimum CGPA of 2.00 or an overall grade of C+ and above.

9. 4 Internal evaluation : is done by continuous assessments on the following components.

9.4.1 Components of the internal evaluation and their weights are as below:

(i)         Theory

                             Component                          Weight

                             Attendance                               1                           

                             Assignment                              1

                             Seminar                                    1

                             Two test papers                      2

(ii)        Practical:-

             Lab. Involvement- Punctuality, Equipment handling,