Co-operative Bank

Baselius College Staff Co-operative

Society Ltd. No. K. 445

The Baselius College Staff Co-operative Society is a bank that belongs to all the members of the staff, teaching and non-teaching. The bank helps its members a great deal through various loan schemes and group deposit cum savings schemes. The management of the society is vested in a Board of Directors consisting of 8 members.

Board of Directors of the Society

1.     Dr. Jyothimol P. (President)       

2.     Dr. Shyla Abraham

3.     Sri. M. J. Shaju

4.     Dr. Annie Mathews

5.     Dr. Suma Bino Thomas

6.    Sri. K. T. Sachariah.

7.     Smt. Annamma Kurian

8.     Sri. M. V. Sabu (Secretary)           9539742390


Office Staff

Smt. Beena P. Mathai    2585316, 9447859573

Sri. Scariakutty K.K.      2374253, 9495323528