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The Dept. of Physical Education was established in the year 1964 under the leadership of late Prof.Thariyan George Jacob (G'boy Sir). We also remember with gratitude the meritorious service rendered by the retired faculty members Prof T.M Mathew and Dr. K. V Joy.   The department, over the years has produced many international sports persons including Sri.Muhammad Iqbal and Kum.Thanu Mathew. The department of Physical Education conducts Baselius Trophy Basketball (Men &Women), Volleyball and Football tournaments every year. These tournaments have received remarkable media and public attention for the past three decades. The Department of Physical Education offers an open course in 'Physical, Health and Life Skill Education' intended to familiarize the students towards the modern concepts of health, physical fitness, lifestyle diseases, first aid and life skill development. We have teams for Football, Volleyball, Athletics, Softball, Kabaddi, Wrestling, Table Tennis, Shuttle Badminton, weightlifting, Best Physique and Cricket. College runs a Football Sports Hostel under the Sports Hostel scheme of Kerala State Sports Council.

FACULTY MEMBERS - Dept. Phone: 0481-2563915
1 Lt. (Dr.) Biju Thomas, MPEd, M.Phil, Ph.D., Asso.Prof. & H.O.D 0485-2253370, 9447214457
2 Dr. Joji M. Philip, MPES, M.Phil, NIS, Ph.D, Dy. Ed. Asst. Prof. 9495380785


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