Research Activities


At present Baselius College has 35 teachers with M.Phil and/or Ph.D Degrees and 7 among them are research guides. Many other members of the teaching staff are on their way to achieve their research degrees. We are proud of our Centre for Research in English, where over 16 scholars are currently registered for their PhD. The Management and the Principal of the college are very particular in promoting research activities, so as to make this college an epitome of academic excellence.


Baselius Researcher is a journal of interdisciplinary studies and research published by Baselius College Research Guidance Centre. It aims at promoting research activities in the various branches of Science, Arts and Humanities. His Holiness Baselius MarThoma Didymus I and His Grace Kuriakose Mar Clemis are the patrons. Rev. Dr. K.M. George, Dr. Alexander Karakkal, Dr. P.P. Ravindran, Dr. V. Mathew Kurian, Dr. K.P. Joy, Dr. A.P. Thomas, Prof. O.M. Mathew, Dr. M.S. Samuel, Dr. E.C. Raju and Dr. Alexander Raju, Dr. Mathew George Panicker (UK), Dr. Babu Philip (USA), Dr. Jacob Naduparambil (Germany) are on the Advisory Board. Dr. Maya Kuriakose, Dept. of English and Dr. Susan Panicker, Dept. of Zoology are the Editors. It is hoped that this journal would serve the purpose of 'Knowing something about everything and everything about something'.

Research guides in the college

      Name                                                                        Subject                                                             Univ.

1.  Dr. Susan Panicker                                                Zoology                                                                M.G. Univ.

2.  Dr. Daisy Joseph                                                    Chemistry                                                                 '     

3.  Dr. V.M. Mathew                                                       Physics                                                                  '

4. Dr. P.V. Viswanathan Nampoothiri                       Sanskrit                                                             M.G. Univ

5. Dr. Varghese Leena                                                English                                                                  '

6. Dr. Annie Margaret (Rtd. BCM. College)              English                                                                  '

7. Dr. Alexander Raju (Rtd. Baselius College)       English                                                                  "

Project by Dr.Susan Panicker

Project by Dr.Annie Mathews