The College stands for academic excellence, development of skill and character formation so as to produce intellectually matured, morally upright, socially committed and spiritually inspired men and women. In pursuance of this mission, the College has set the following objectives:

     1.    To develop the potentialities of young men and women and help all those engaged in the pursuit of Truth and Knowledge, keeping in view the intellectual, physical and spiritual values.

     2.     To inculcate the sense of discipline, social responsibility and community service in the youth and also to bring home the dignity of manual labour.

     3.    To provide society with the right kind of leadership and men and women trained in various spheres who are competent to tackle the problems in life and make them worthy citizens of our community and the country in general.

     4.     To instill in the students a sense of national pride and appreciation of Indian traditions and cultures.

   5.   To sensitise students to critique current socio-economic, political and cultural issues and to denounce all forms of oppression relating to class, caste and gender.

   6.    To sensitise students to environmental issues, thus motivating them to promote ecological justice and sustainable development.

     7. To establish a link between the institution and policy-makers through collaborative research leading to social development.